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gosea single kayak

Single Kayak

The GoSea Pioneer is a compact Single Sit-On Kayak that offers a fantastic level of stability for a lightweight Kayak, allowing you to concentrate on simply having fun. Designed for one person, the Pioneer Sit-On Kayak is both very comfortable and stable. It is the perfect companion for short or long trips on the river or bay hopping.

The Fishing GoSea Pioneer is a longer, even more stable angling version of the original Pioneer complete with 4 flush mounted rod holder and a central swivel rod holder.

gosea tandem kayak

Tandem Kayak

The GoSea Voyage is a wide and stable Double (2+1) Sit-On Recreational Kayak that offers fantastic performance in a wide range of situations.Designed for two paddlers with a moulded seat for an additional small passenger in the rear cockpit, the Voyage is both very comfortable and stable making it suitable for fun on the sea or down the river.

The Concept Escape Angler is a great recreational kayak for day excursions, fishing, photographing, and just having fun. The cockpit is able to accommodate a family of three (two paddlers and a smaller passenger) and still remain stable. With just one adult aboard, the Escape retains its stability and maneuverability, making it a great all round family kayak.

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